So what's this about?

Hi, I'm Jeremy Lord, and this is my store! I'm a French/Aussie, Sydney based illustrator. As a freelancer I work with clients in all fields from advertising and branding to children's books. But I've been a drawer for much longer, and I often feel a burn in my mind and hand to put my own ideas out in images. All the works you'll find in this shop come from that creative drive. (My high school math teacher also found that creative drive on my homework, not that she was too pleased about it...)

So whether it's part of a bigger project or just a one off image done for the hell of it, all these illustrations are born out of a desire to express something that I though was just not relatable in words. There's no right or wrong message in them, I felt something doing them, feel free to see in them whatever it is that you fancy. Just enjoy them... and maybe stick one up on your wall!



Ps; I've got a website too, and if you haven't just come from there and you don't see anything here to your liking, it won't hurt to take a peek and enquire about whether you can be extra special and have one from the chef's own stash!



..and yes, that's me!